By the beginning of July this year, the Association of Friends and Sponsors of TU Bergakademie Freiberg had received over 104,000 euros in donations from a total of 241 donors in the Corona Relief Fund. The money can now be used to process further funding applications.

"We are impressed by the strong response and the great willingness to donate and would like to thank all donors for the extensive support of our students," explains Rector Professor Dr Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht. With the first 72,000 euro donations from the relief fund, 99 applications have already been processed. With 95 per cent of the promoted ones it concerns international students, who do not get funding from the Federal Law concerning the Promotion of Education or Training (Bafög). The students who ran into financial difficulties as a result of the Corona crisis received support for rent, insurance, food, free tables in the cafeteria and vouchers for stores in Freiberg.

"Starting in September, we will again be providing support with the remaining 32,000 euros, because there will certainly be long-term consequences, which will be particularly noticeable in an extended period of study," explains Thomas Schmalz, managing director of the Studentenwerk, which processes the applications. Until then, the student support program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research will continue. Those affected can submit their applications here. Condition: They must have less than 500 euros in their bank account. Depending on their needs, there are 100 to 500 euros.

About 42 percent of the donors are alumni of TU Bergakademie Freiberg. "This shows once again the solidarity of our former students with their university and the cohesion beyond their studies and beyond national borders," adds the Rector. But also numerous university members and private donors have supported the Corona Relief Fund. For example, the Institute of Technical Chemistry and PARFORCE Engineering and Consulting GmbH, an affiliated institute of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, responded to the Rector's appeal for donations. "This donation is very close to our hearts, as many of our employees, as former students or doctoral candidates, continue to feel a close bond with the university. With this donation we can 'give something back' and contribute to alleviating the financial hardships of the current Freiberg students", says Dr Peter Fröhlich (PARFORCE).

Further information on the Corona Relief Fund and a list of all donors, whose gave their okay to be mentioned, can be found at: