This year, 47 students at TUBAF will once again receive a Deutschlandstipendium scholarship. Since the programme began in 2011, a total of around 950 committed students have benefited from the scholarship.

"Knowing that our students receive so much support from business and private individuals ist great. Thanks to the Deutschlandstipendium, they can pursue their studies with fewer financial worries," says Prof Swanhild Bernstein, Vice Rector for Education at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. "However, it is not only the financial support that is important, but also the opportunity to network, both for the students and for the sponsors."

Since 2011, an average of 75 scholarships have been awarded each year, which corresponds to a total annual funding volume of around 270,000 euros. The scholarship programme owes this success to the numerous donations received from companies, associations, foundations and private individuals, half of which finance the scholarship of 300 euros per month for a period of one year. The other half comes from the federal government.